Smart Caregiver Economy Cordless Fall Monitor and Cordless Floor Mat Sensor


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Smart Caregiver Economy Cordless Fall Monitor and Cordless Floor Mat Sensor Bundle with Pouch of 30 Cleaning Wipe

ECONOMY CordLess FALL PREVENTION ALARM: Provides affordable and effective cord-free wireless monitoring with a range up to 300 ft. Ideal for home or small facility use
WIRELESS GRAY FLOOR MAT SENSOR: Color: Gray, Measures 24" x 48" - Recommended to place by the bedside or in a doorway. When the resident gets out of bed or tries to leave the room and pressure is applied to the mat and then released, it will send signal to the monitor and audibly alert the caregiver. Made of an Anti-Slip material that eliminates tripping hazards
ADJUSTABLE VOLUME: The Alarm Monitor has a (Low, Medium, and High) Volume Setting, so the Alarm won’t startle residents and offers QUIETER fall prevention. Monitor needs to be reset after turning it off.
BATTERY OPERATED: The Alarm Monitor works on 3 "C" batteries (NOT INCLUDED) - You can also get an optional AC adapter that is sold separately - model: AC-04, and the Floor Mat Operates on an internal non-replaceable battery - With normal daily use, we recommended that the Floor mat is replaced once a year
BUNDLE INCLUDES: 433-EC Wireless Alert Monitor, FMT-07C Cordless Floor Mat, Pouch of 30 Cleaning Wipes.


30 days warranty for any manufacturing defects.